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In 1999 I revisited places I had photographed on my very first visit to Wellington
in 1988. The idea was to find the same positions and to use the same lenses in order
to record the changes that had occurred over the past eleven years.

At the time, when I created the first series, I had been a stranger visiting for the
first time. Therefore the selection of places and views was somewhat left to chance.
Some turned out to be lucky choices. After all, back in 1988 I had a very different
need to record a variety of impressions of this city to pass on to family and friends
in an attempt to explain what it was that fascinated me about this city and this country.

Although having decided on this project in 1998, I waited almost a whole year before
commencing my work. I was intrigued by a play with numbers. Both years, if you leave
away the century, are multiples of eleven.

This exhibition was shown as part of a Group Exhibition WGTN3 at

photospace Gallery, Wellington

37 Courtenay Place, Wellington
(above Sahara Café)
10 - 26 August 2000

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri 10am - 4.30pm
Sat 11am - 3pm


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